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April 9, 2020
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Let Your Kids Love Sports the Safe Way

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Almost all children love to get involved with sports. Even if they don't, you'll want to encourage them to be involved because it's good for their health, socialization, and makes them feel part of something important. However, like with most things in life it's also important to be educated about sports safety.Get a PhysicalTake your child to his or her pediatrician prior to enrolling them in any sport. Most sports require a physical today. You can get a sports physical at many Urgent Care Clinics, Walk in Clinics and even a chiropractor's office if you don't have a regular doctor. The doctor can make sure there are no reasons why your child cannot participate in the sport they want to be involved in.Use the Right EquipmentDepending on the sport there is appropriate equipment that you will need to purchase. Buy the most up-to-date equipment you can afford because you can be most sure that this equipment passes current safety regulations. Don't skimp on the right shoes, gear and equipment.Guarding against InjuryEnsure that your child always warms up before participating in sports. They should also be well fed an hour or two prior to going to enjoy their sport, and stay hydrated throughout the activity. The best drink for hydration is water or coconut water. Sweet drinks and so called "sports drinks" really don't help that much and in fact can impede hydration. Another thing that guards against injury is following the rules of the sport.Ensure the Sport Is Age AppropriateMost city sports and school sports have age groups for their sports. Usually these age guidelines help to keep your child safer. Even if your child is a better player than most, keeping them in their age group will be safer. There are some cases where your child is a lot smaller or less coordinated than other children. If this is the case, ask about moving your child to an age group lower based on size.RestBelieve it or not, rest is important too. Between seasons let your child get some rest, and don't jump right into another sport. Being good at one or two sports is better than being mediocre at all of them. Plus, sports - as fun as they are - can also be stressful for some children who have high expectations. Let your child get some rest.Child PredatorsAsk whether your sports organization does background checks on their coaches and other assistants. If not, you should be extra wary and always attend every game and practice with your child. This is not to say that all coaches are predators but it's best to be safe. Another way to increase safety is to ask for a safe program where no one adult is left alone with any one child, ever. Sports are fun, educational, and add a lot to a child's life. Getting involved is a wonderful thing, and you can make it even more wonderful with many great memories just by practicing these safety tips.


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