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June 20, 2020
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More GPS For Children Devices To Choose From

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Over 80,000 children are victims of abduction, or attempted abduction, each year. With so many evil people out there and so many potential victims, parents are clamoring for new ways to keep track of their children, lest they become victims themselves. Using GPS for children can help these parents have peace of mind. So naturally parents might turn their computer on and log onto a website and make an online purchase of the first GPS device they see. But it is not enough to just go online and buy the first device they see. They should educate themselves on the various offerings out there.

What GPS devices are available?

There are GPS manufacturers that provide devices for keeping track of your children. One manufacturer allows parents to insert homing tags on the person they are trying to keep track of. These homing tags are accurate to 200 yards away so long as the signal is not obstructed by walls or ceilings.

This same manufacturer also makes the GPS jacket. This device is another mini GPS which is placed inside a childs jacket so it cannot be detected. With real time monitoring, parents can check on their children and their location at any time, day or night.

Mini GPS devices are also now being embedded in shoes. Some shoe manufacturers provide for sale, shoes which have the devices which also work on the real time monitoring system.

The beauty behind these GPS systems is that they are innocuous to the person who may be trying to abduct the child. Who would suspect that the jacket that keeps the child warm would be the very thing that leads the police right to the house of the abductor?

However, another GPS device you could use that is not inconspicuous is an audible locator. These audible devices are shaped like small little bears and can clip onto the shoelaces of your child, or perhaps their backpack. What makes this device different from the others is that it emits a high decibel, 56 DB, noise when it is activated. So if you have a small child who is always wandering off in crowds, this is perfect for them. If they run off when your back is turned, all you need to do is to press a button and the audible locator will activate. But be careful of the distance limits. This device is only good for a distance of 150 feet.

Parents have a wide variety of GPS for children devices at their disposal. All they need to do is to look around and decide. And then, log into a site and buy.


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