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September 7, 2020
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Card Making Ideas - Rubber Stamp Techniques

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Rubber stamps can be used for all kinds of crafts and not just for card making. They are fun and easy to use and will add a professional touch to your cards.

Having a good range and variety of different themed stamps means you will have the opportunity of creating a card for almost any occasion.

The most common type of stamp available is the wooden mounted stamp. These stamps are normally mounted on beech wood with the image clearly printed on the top so you can see exactly where and what you are stamping.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis try to choose a stamp that has grooves along the side and is wood mounted as this will possibly make it easier to work with.

When inking your stamp it is important to lay your stamp on a table and place the ink pad over the image using lots of light tapping, this way you will be able to see your area of coverage.

When you stamp the image onto the paper place the stamp ink side down and press firmly. Keep one hand on the stamp and use the other to press all around the edges of the stamp to leave a clear and crisp image.

You can then cut the image out and mount it onto your card using 3D foam or alternatively you can stamp directly onto the card itself.

Rubber stamps are a great investment as they will last a lifetime and can be used for all your card making ideas, scrapbooking, childrens crafts and even school projects.

If you are using your stamps for embossing, once the image has been stamped sprinkle the embossing powder over the image and gently tap the excess off. It does not matter how much you pour on as any excess can be kept and re used.

To emboss the image you need to use a heat gun, hold the heat gun approximately 2 inches away from the image and try not to over emboss the image. Always take care when using a heat gun.

The cost of stamps can vary in price. Smaller ones will probably cost around $5 and the larger ones can cost anything from $10 - $25 depending on the detail of the image itself.

A stamped image can be used in so many ways, you can decoupage it, colour it with gel pens, water pencils, use as a background, add embellishment and so on.

One of the tips I have found when purchasing rubber stamps is to check the depth of the rubber, this is important because the more depth the better the image quality will be and accordingly the more detail it will show.


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