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September 17, 2020
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Celebrate Cultural Diversity With Ethnic Ornaments

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In our research, we were surprised at how many ornaments vendors offer ethnic ornaments ranging from African American ballerinas to Scottish Highlander Santas to Aztec Calendar ornaments and more. These include ethnic ornaments handmade by the local artisans in many different countries as well as in the United States.

In the past, it was actually pretty rare to find African American ornaments or Native American ornaments, but in the last few years the selection of ethnic Christmas Ornaments continues to increase. That pleasing change is a testimony to the inclusiveness and "one world" attitude of more and more people around the world.

Many ornaments merchants in the United States have noticed that ornaments collectors and gift buyers are looking for something more than just the traditional red and green ornaments, and they have commissioned designs that reflect the surge in requests for more diverse ornaments. There is also a trend for people to decorate with ornaments year round, and hanging an ethnic ornament above your desk or placing a figurine ornament in your living room is a beautiful way to make a statement of pride or support. There are so many pretty ethnic ornaments today that it is easy to find one that you want to keep near just because it is beautiful or gives you a feeling of nostalgia. You may also want to vary which ornaments you display from time to time and that is a great way to introduce children to different cultures.

Although most of us tend to think of ethnic as any minority group, the word ethnic comes from the Greek word ethnikos and can refer to any group that may have ties of ancestry, culture, language, nationality, race or religion, or even a combination of these attributes. That pretty much includes all of us and ornaments stores will be adding more ethnic ornaments as the word gets out that ethnic ornaments are important to consumers and more ethnic ornaments are designed.

Step out and embrace new and old traditions with ethnic ornaments. You will have fun choosing ornaments from your own culture or ancestry as well as adding ornaments from cultures with which you may be less familiar.


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