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November 12, 2020
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Do Only Children Make Good Long Distance Runners?

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In my opinion there are several characteristics that only children and long distance runners share. I have no scientific proof of this - and I don't know if studies have been made. This is coming strictly from me being both an only child and a long distance runner. Here are some of the reasons that I believe this.

First of all, only children are independent. This is a quality in me that I have always been thankful for and actually love. Most only children are raised to entertain themselves and don't need a lot of people around. I think that this is a great trait for being out on the roads for hours at a time. You are perfectly content being by yourself. You actually need to be sort of a loner to be able to handle this.

Only children are self-motivated - another good trait for long distance runners. And, there are some days where you need to kick yourself out the door. You may not have someone there with you pushing you out the door. You need to be motivated to get it done. Many runners run with others, but you also need to be able to get it done by yourself. Your running buddies may not always be around.

Being goal oriented is another trait of only children and a must for long distance runners. We have no problem setting goals for ourselves and doing whatever we need to get it done. You need to be goal-oriented to be a long distance runner. Runners need to set goals for their races and plan their running schedules accordingly.

Many only children are not team players. We're used to doing things for ourselves and making them happen without the help of anyone else. So, long distance running fits into this perfectly. You don't depend on anyone but yourself and your training to reach your goals. Even if you do run with others, when you are running in a race - you need to depend on yourself to get to the finish line.

I could go on and on - but I think you get my point. Now, if you're not privileged enough to be an only child, don't worry - you can still succeed with long distance running. There are many long distance runners that have siblings. I just feel that we only children just have some built in traits that are perfect for running.


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