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Your children will always remember how your house felt during the holiday season. Dads typically have a lot of questions when it comes to finding Christmas decorations for the home. Decorating for the holidays doesn't have to be difficult and here are 5 tips to help dads.Outdoor Christmas Dcor:The outside of your home shows off your Christmas spirit to the whole neighborhood.

30 Mar 20

Some people who come into the sport buy their snowboards; others get theirs as gifts after much pleading and patient waiting. That is a start, but now you have to figure out the hardest part, which is learning how to become a real snowboarder.

06 Aug 20

The next thing you will really want to work on with your puppy is his knowledge of what constitutes a toy and what doesn't. It's not fun to have a dog that doesn't understand that your new Italian shoes are not his new chew toys. This lesson is fun for your pet and should be for you, too. This lesson will teach your dog not only the word "toy", but the words for specific toys.

21 Aug 20

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23 Oct 20
Do you or a loved one just love extreme sports? Are you one of those people wanting to try the newest fad in the sports world, and do you love the adrenaline rush that you get?Extreme sports are wildly popular. Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and much more all enjoy varying degrees of that popularity. But sports fan beware.
12 Nov 20
In my opinion there are several characteristics that only children and long distance runners share. I have no scientific proof of this - and I don't know if studies have been made. This is coming strictly from me being both an only child and a long distance runner. Here are some of the reasons that I believe this.First of all, only children are independent.
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01 Nov 20
It is one of those debates that have been raging on for decades, but there is still no clear outcome as to which is 'better'. We're talking about the crche vs. nanny debate, a choice that you'll have to make as a parent, unless you're a full-time mom. So here's what you need to know about both options in order to make an informed choice for your child.
18 Nov 20
With children trying on extracurricular activities at the speed of light these days, it's hard for parents to decide what to allow them to try and what to forego. This is where computerized guitar lessons can help cut the costs for parents while their children try on this pursuit for size.
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